Penn Foster Career School – Online Learning Center

September 14th, 2017

Penn Foster Career School is a privately owned distance learning vocational training institution. The school is based in Scranton, Pennsylvania. It now offers over 80 accredited diploma and certificate programs.

The school currently has an annual enrollment of over 22,000 students. This institution is still actively pursuing the vision of its founding father: to increase the ability of everyone to gain access to the knowledge and skills they need to fulfill their life’s goals.

History of the Institution

Penn Foster Career School was founded by Thomas J. Foster in the year 1890 to provide correspondence training courses to help coal miners gain access to engineering knowledge and skills.

This institution was originally known as ICS – “International Correspondence School”. After 55 years of existence, the institution had enrolled over 5 million students in various courses.

The ownership of the school has changed hands over the years. It is presently owned by Princeton Review, the test preparation and review company.

Major Benefits of Enrolling at Penn Foster

1. Reputation. This is one of the largest globally acclaimed online learning institutions. Therefore, if you enroll in this institution, you are going to obtain an internationally appreciated qualification.
2. Career Focus. The programs offered at Penn Foster are job and career focused. The skills you will acquire are state-of-the-art skills which are sought after by many employers.
3. Flexible and Convenient Content Delivery. As a student, you are free to choose whether you want your study materials to be delivered in print, online or as a combination of both.
4. Self Paced Study. You can decide to study at any pace that allows you to fully understand and digest the materials you are learning.
5. Student-friendly Environment. You always have support staff and professional instructors to attend to you and provide appropriate answers to your enquiries.
6. Affordable Tuition. Penn Foster programs were designed to be pocket-friendly. The programs are very affordable. You are also offered interest free APR financing and flexible payment plans.
7. Student and Graduate-Friendly Career Services. As a student or graduate, you continually receive targeted notices about job openings that can advance your career. You can also receive professional assistance on how to write your resume and prepare for job interviews.


Penn Foster is accredited both regionally and nationally. They are also duly licensed by the state authorities in Pennsylvania.

Programs Offered

According to the official website of this school, these are the most popular courses that people are currently registering for:

* Veterinary Assistant
* Substance Abuse Counselor
* Residential Electrician
* Physical Therapy Aide
* Pharmacy Technician
* Medical Coding and Billing
* Medical Administrative Assistant
* HVAC Technician
* Gunsmith
* Dental Assistant
* Child Day Care
* Certified Wedding Planner
* Certified Personal Trainer
* Auto Repair Technician

The school offers courses in the broad areas of technology, business, healthcare and construction.

Some of the technology related courses offered include:

* Web page designer
* Telecommunications technician
* Small engine repair
* Residential electrician
* Plumber
* Motorcycle repair technician
* Microsoft Office 2010
* HVAC technician
* Gunsmith
* Electronics technician
* Diesel
* Computer support technician
* Computer programming language certificate
* Auto repair technician

General Information

No semester restrictions

Due to the fact that the programs are correspondence courses, there are no traditional semester restrictions. Therefore, the school is open for enrollment at all times. You can enroll at any time of the year that suits you.

No Geographic Restrictions

Penn Foster programs are not restricted to any section of the country. You are free to enroll for any course from any part of the country. However, since most courses are delivered online, some courses may have some PC specifications for certain specialized programs requiring special types of software.

Unique All Inclusive Tuition

At Penn Foster, you enjoy a unique billing system. Your tuition covers the cost of all the materials that you need including your study guides and textbooks.
That was a brief review of the Penn Foster Career School.

A brief historical background was given followed by an outline of the benefits you stand to gain if you enroll in any of the programs offered by this institution. You were also presented with the most popular courses offered along with those offered in the technology category.

If you are considering which online learning school to enroll in for effective career advancement, you should try Penn Foster. The institution has remained focused on its primary mission of making career advancement skills easily accessible to all that desire to acquire them.

Different Ways of Acquiring Caller Information

September 14th, 2017

You would like to know who is on the other side of the line especially if the number used to call you is unfamiliar. It could be anyone, an old friend, or even an enemy. It could be a telemarketer, a debt collector or one of those organizations, which constantly call to ask for donations. The chances of you picking a call from a familiar number are high, compared to the one that you may not know.

Conducting a reverse telephone look up is free on some sites. Some of them offer information on the caller including the place where he/she lives. Some other websites will give additional information, only at a small cost during a one-time search. You may want to get a membership, which will allow you to look up as many numbers as you may wish for a yearly payment. Most people will prefer the latter as they have found it to be better and more reliable.

The reason as to why the charges are there is that landline numbers are run by a public domain, making the search cost as low as free. Mobile numbers on the other hand are privately owned by private telecommunication companies, which charge to get information of their users. This may discourage you from ever seeking these services but here is a way to get the information without breaking a sweat.

Caller ID

This is normally found on landline phones. It will be wise if you also added it to your mobile phone. This way you will be able to attain the name of your caller and his/her phone number

Star 69

When you Press * (star), six (6), and then 9, you automatically call the last number which tried to call or called you. This is a sure way to get back to the caller to know who he/she is.

Search engines

Google, Yahoo, Bing, AltaVista and Dogpile are among the many search engines, which can help you, attain the information that you need. This will only work if the number you are searching has been published, either on an article, or in a resume. Numbers published on social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace or twitter are easy to get through the search engines too.

Online directory

There are many sites online, which may give you information, especially on cell phone numbers. Much as many of them may only give you limited information, this is a very good place to start, as the details you will get are the number’s carrier as well as the city it is registered.

Many database management companies find it hard to track down mobile numbers as the numbers change each time the owner moves to a different geographical location. Other people choose to change their numbers due to other reasons and this makes it even harder for these companies to keep tracks on them.